Vista Driving School Driving School | Traffic School | Escuela de Manejo | Practice Permit Test | Prices | Online Drives Ed | DMV Exam Rentals | Print $20 Coupon "FREE HOME PICK UP & DROP OFF" Freeway defensive drivers training:  10 hours of training                    |                $475.00               This complex course includes a 5 day course two hours a day. The DMV requires 6 hours except we have added additional 4 hours to include an introduction freeway and many other detailed driving skills. Also all our sessions are specified towards the needs of each individual student. Specialized freeway course:    1 ½  Hours                                               |                $150.00 This specialized intensive freeway course will include freeway interchanges and many more defensive driving tips on the freeway. Car rental for the drive test: 2 hours                               |                  $115.00 This course gives you a full preparation an hour before the drive test to give you last minute critical details that will help you pass your test. The other hour is for the drive test. Conveniently, we will make you the appointment and our Instructors will walk you through the whole process until you the end of your testing. Brush up course for the drive test:                                        |                 $105.00 The course is designated for the student that will be taking his/her car for the drive test and needs an overview of what the DMV expects from them. This course can be taken either in your vehicle which you will be testing on or our vehicle. Vista Driving School driving course pricing
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