Learners Permit Practice Test | Get Prepared for your Exam Online Drivers Ed Vista Driving School offers different course for the appropriate age category. The tests are given in English or Spanish for teens, young adults, adults and senior citizens. Learners Permit Practice Test for a teenager; The written exam for teenagers is composed of 46 questions and allows 8 errors or less to pass the written exam. This means that you our beloved teenagers are allowed to miss almost 20% of the test and still pass. Vista will prepare your teenagers that are having difficulties pass the written exam to boost their confidence and help them get on their way. Learners Permit Practice Test for a first time adult drivers (18 yrs or older): The written exam for adults is composed of 36 questions and allows 6 errors or less to pass the written exam. In many cases, this is the most complicated part of having a driver's license, passing the written exam. At this stage, working adults or students don't have the time to memorize every piece of information on the California Drivers' handbook. Vista Driving School will prepare you with the appropriate Learners Permit Practice Test so that you can be ready when you sit at the table with your written exam in hand.  We will prepare you for your written exam and we can also provide you with training for your driving test to ensure you will be ready when the time comes. Learners Permit Practice Test for adults and seniors that must take a new written test when renewing a driver's license: For adults or senior citizens that have their license and need to renew their license with a written exam, the exam is composed of 18 questions and allows for 3 errors or less. This is critical because if you don't pass this exam, you won't have your license renewed and your driver's privilege will be revoked. That is the reason why many drivers with an average to below average driving record are deciding to study our Learners Permit Practice Test, because while renewing their driver's license, they might be required to re-take a written exam and must be prepared. V ista D riving Learners Permit Practice Test Driving School | Traffic School | Escuela de Manejo | Practice Permit Test | Prices | Online Drives Ed | DMV Exam Rentals | Print $20 Coupon Vista Driving School | The Best Driving School Near You!